Individual Wellness Services

                   Available in English or in French                      In person at The Parlor or Online sessions

  Goal is to find the root-cause of your dis-comfort.                      Not just patch the symptoms.

           I take care of each individual as a whole.                         This is my "Wholistic" Strategy.

Wholistic Assessment 

If you are looking for a full Wellness Coaching Program.

During this meticulous assessment, I will get to know you. Depending on what YOU want to achieve (which areas of your life you want to focus your efforts on) and with all the informations gathered during this session, I will create a Tailored Wellness Program, that suits YOU (with physical, nutritional, emotional tools)


Online / In person


@The Parlor

 Yes! Signature Session

Full Body Rebalancing Stretch on table, after a personal assessment and analysis of your general posture.

Regain your physical overall balance!

Relieve stress stuck in your body, tension and chronic aches of your neck and back coming from daily bad postures and lack of self-care.


In person

First session 250$ 

Follow-up session 175$

@The Parlor

Simple Stretch

Enhances your joints mobility, your overall flexibility, relaxes your muscles tension or relieves your stress.

Advised to maintain long lasting effects of your Full Body Rebalancing Stretch (one session per week)


In person

1 for 80$

5 for 350$

10 for 600$

@The Parlor

Breathing Rehab

Our breathing is a reflexion of our physical and mental states.

Rediscover the power of optimized oxygenation, control your stress, enhance your sleep, stimulate your gut health...

 3 sessions of 30min

 Online / In person

 150$ / 180$

@The Parlor

Nutritional Balance

We are what we eat! 

Good Nutrition helps resolving gut issues, health problems (immunity, imbalanced blood sugar...) and keeps you energized through the day.

Let me help you reach those goals! 

I will also guide you through the use of supplements.

Pantry makeover possible if near me.


Online / In person

120$ / 150$ 

3 for 330$ / 3 for 420$

@The Parlor

Guided Stretching Session 

Tailored and Supervised Stretching on a mat.

 Learn how to stretch correctly and accordingly to your needs in order to take care of yourself at home or at the gym.




 5 for 200$

Group stretching possible

(inquire for price)


Feminine  Strengthening 

This is very important, Ladies!

Be in control of your pelvic floor and your deep abdominal muscles to avoid lower back pain, correct your posture and prevent urinary leakage. 

A must do after a pregnancy, even more after a C-section!




5 for 450$

10 for 800$

Supplements Recommendation

PhytoQuant, Plants and Energy

As a Health Coach, I've been asked numerous times if it's good to take Supplements on a regular basis.

My answer is YES!! Our Food is depleted from a lot of micronutrients, due to the industrial way of production used for the past decades  (mass producing, use of chemicals to accelerate growth rate...). Supplements help recalibrate micronutrient deficiencies, restore digestive health, balance intestinal microbiome and much more.

I'm excited to partner with PhytoQuantUsa, highly effective whole food supplements with 15+ years of history in Europe, now in the U.S.! No fillers, no toxins, using non-gmo plants grown in Italy without pesticides, gluten-free and with clean unique extraction methods. 

Contact me to learn more and get a discount code.

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