Are you ready to kick off the new year in a healthier way but don't know where to start?

Let me help you come up with an achievable plan with physical activities and good nutrition!

Text "I AM READY"  to (212) 804 7273 to get started!

Wellness is booming : people eventually realize they want healthier,

stress-free and happier lives at work and in their home.

How to do so without feeling overwhelmed ?

Let me show you how easy it is to reclaim a good physical and emotional health in all aspects of your life, one step at a time!


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Health Coaching Program

Your Health is your Wealth!

Want to know how to get healthier in 9 weeks?

Check what this Holistic Health and Wellness Program is about here.

Registration is open now! Limited availability !

Reclaim the right to be the best version of yourself!

Book one-on-one sessions to help you find your physical, nutritional and/or emotional balance. Say goodbye to chronic aches, invest in your overall health (and your family's) and be aware of your potential!

Services available in person at The Parlor New York City  or Online.

Interested in implementing long lasting Wellness solutions to boost your business Performance, reduce absenteeism and lack of engagement in your team?

With easy on site measures or workshops designed to inform and educate the participants, spark the idea of overall wellbeing in their lives (Work-Life balance).

What People Say

Quitterie P.

Realtor Company

"Candice has done wonders giving me tips to be more efficient at work and being more relaxed at home."

Aurore G.

Health Coach

"Whenever I have a concern and my body is not aligned, Candice is always the answer. Her skills and knowledge about the Human Body are impressive."

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