Say Yes For Wellness!

I have a very Holistic approach to Wellness and Pain management thanks to my various specialties:

 I use French Osteopathic Techniques (craniosacral, visceral) Myofascial Release, Pressure Points and Stretching to re-align your body, enhance your mobility and relieve you from:

- Back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, tensions due to bad posture or stress, headaches and more.  

Being a Health Coach too, I guide you with nutritional tips to help you optimize your Gut Health because it impacts so many things in your body (hormones, inflammation, back pain...)

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Reclaim the right to be the best version of yourself!

Book one-on-one sessions to help you find your physical and/or emotional balance. Say goodbye to chronic aches, invest in your overall health (and your family's) and be aware of your potential!

Services available in person, in New York or in Mamaroneck.


"MyBody" Programs

Posture Program and Stress Less Program

Take care of your body with accountability to be sure to reach your goals! Let's take care of your posture and relieve you from Stress.

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Corporate Services

Interested in implementing long lasting Wellness solutions to boost your business Performance, reduce absenteeism and lack of engagement in your team?

With easy on site measures or workshops designed to inform and educate the participants, spark the idea of overall wellbeing in their lives (Work-Life balance).

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