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You cannot do a good job if a job is all you do..."

                                                                             Peter Drucker

You are a Company. What do you wish for?

You wish to see your business thrive, increase each and every year while retaining top talents you have recruited to achieve your goals! YES!!!

Did you know that Performance is fuelled by personal wellbeing and purpose?

Being aware of the challenges (stress...) each individual faces within your Company (from managers to simple associates, ) and being proactive by investing in their wellness education as part of your strategic business plan will increase their Performance. Remember that they are the core of your business and the Company's best advocates.

It is now crucial to implement Wellness in your Company in order to face permanent increasing growth goals and competitors in your market.

YesForWellness is here to help you achieve that goal!

Happy Face, Happy Place... Happy Business! YES!!!                            

Desk Stretching

Let me show your employees who work from their desks all day how to manage bad postures and relax their shoulders, back and hips in 5 minutes:

No need for gym clothes or mats, it happens right there on their chair!

Caudalie US and WeWork already committed to Corporate Wellness! Will you?

Corporate Wellness Group Sessions

Start a Wellness Journey within your Business with "A la carte" group sessions to spark an interest in your participants by addressing relevant subjects in order to manage good balance between personal and professional life. Here are a few examples of session's subjects:

Nutrition : to boost your energy and performance

Physical tools : against chronic pain, bad work posture

Emotional support: Stress management, mindfulness.

You will choose the main focus, the number and the duration of the sessions.

Perfectly fitted for events like Team Building, seminars... A glimpse of what Wellness can bring to your business.

Corporate Wellness Programs

Get business growth through Wellness:

It is no secret that both positive state of mind and physical wellness are key factors that increase productivity and performance; in our era full of challenges, it is now a trend that no Company can ignore. From stores to offices, multiple solutions are available to stay competitive on the market.

This longer term option perfectly tailored to your business will be a great K.P.I ! We will help you pick the right solutions for your facilities and for your employees. Choosing to implement Wellness as a Culture in your Business (commitment) will set an example and bring you an amazing R.O.I.

Individual Workplace Wellness Consultation 

Do you work standing up all day or do you spend hours in front of a computer? Are you working in a fast paced environment or in a quiet space?

Each job has a particular impact on your body and your mind. Take the lead in order to reach your full performance potential at work!

Analysis of your posture, simple shifts in your environment (ergonomics), exercises list to prevent chronic pain, nutritional advices or to do things to make your working life better are part of what you will get.


Beth Wachtel

Creative Content Manager/Getty Images

"Candice came to my office for a personal consultation because I was experiencing chronic pain in my right hand, wrist and neck. She looked over every aspect of my workspace then made some simple changes to my desk set up that had major results. I learned how to position myself in relation to my computer and my neck, hand and wrist pain disappeared - a quick assessment with lasting results!

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