Wellness is booming: people are realizing they need healthier, stress-free and happier lives, at home like at work.

I am always striving to address the root-cause of your "dis-comfort" (instead of only patching the symptoms) as well as finding easy everyday options to implement to obtain those long lasting results you wish for!

       Candice White-Parker

Candice, a French Manipulative Osteopath and Physical Therapist specialized in back pain and Pelvic Floor Rehab and Strengthening, founded Yes For Wellness a few years after moving to the US with her husband and 2 kids.

She felt she could bring her expertise and holistic approach to help relieve her clients from physical pain and postural issues by offering a simple yet powerful alternative option to traditional medicine.*

Conscious of the importance of Pain and bad Posture Prevention, she is  specialized and Certified in Stretching, Mobility, General Nutrition and Gut Health and she will help you implement easy everyday tips to become a healthier happier You.

Her favorite Mantra is  "The secret to getting ahead is to get started", as it is never too little or to late to start taking care of yourself.

Strong of her 15 years experience in Health Care in France and her sports background in Track and Field, she creates Tailored Holistic Wellness Programs for you or for Companies daring to invest in one of the future's major imperative of Business Performance: Employee's Wellbeing!

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*NOT a licensed medical physician, naturopathic doctor or chiropractor. Please note that our services are not medical services and do not replace a licensed medical doctor's diagnosis or treatment.