Myofascial Release Services

   Individual Services; Available in English or in French

Goal is to find the root-cause of your dis-comfort,

not just patch the symptoms.

I take care of each individual as a whole.

This is my "Wholistic" Strategy.


Upsoul Center

141 W 28th Street, Suite 301

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 MONDAYS (9am-8:30pm) and FRIDAYS (9am-5pm)


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In person @ Upsoul Center

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Remotely via Zoom 

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All the sessions are clothed. Please wear comfortable clothing such as a t-shirt, shorts or leggings.

Please note that we do not accept health insurance or have a non-provider number (NPI).

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 Yes! Release

Full Body Re-Alignment Session on table. Includes personal assessment and analysis of your general posture.

The perfect solution for back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and headaches! 

Regain your physical overall balance, thanks to European Osteopathic techniques (Ostéopathie française); includes cranial and visceral relief, myofascial release, stretching, pressure points and breath work.

Relieve tension and pain coming from daily bad postures, lack of self-care or physical activities.

1 hr

First session: 175$

Following sessions: 155$

or Package of 3: 135$/session

In Studio 

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Yes! D-Stress

Relieve Stress accumulated and stuck in your body (head, neck, shoulders and solar plexus) with myofascial release and Craniosacral techniques.

Learn how to breathe to relax key parts of your body.

Advised before or after going through a period of stress to prevent chronic aches to settle.

45 min


In Studio

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Yes! Stretch 

Tailored and Guided Stretching on a mat.

Stretching is the new Yoga - but without de complicated balancing postures and meditation!

It enhances your joint's mobility, your overall flexibility and posture, relaxes post-workout muscle tension or relieves you from stress. 

Advised to maintain long lasting effects of your Full Body Re-Alignment Session or to prevent injuries for athletes.

Learn how to stretch correctly and accordingly to your needs in order to take care of yourself at home or at the gym.

45 min

In Studio


(Inquire for Group Stretching) 

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Remotely via Zoom


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Yes! Gut Wellness

Stress, lack of physical exercise and poor eating habits impact your gut and induce visceral pain and tensions.

With visceral myofascial relief techniques and nutritional advice if needed, this session will help your digestive system to relax and help you stay energized throughout the day.

It's also a powerful tool for help relieve back pain problems.

45 min


 In Studio

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Call or Text (212) 804 7273 for extra booking options.

Yes! Core

Get your core strength back,

be in control of your deep abdominal muscles and your pelvic floor using safe techniques to avoid lower back pain, correct your posture and prevent urinary leakage.

Perfect if you need that extra push in the back to get started and to achieve your goals!

A must do after a long period of time without working out or after a pregnancy.

A minimum of 6 sessions is advised for results.

 45 min

First session: 130$

Package of 6 sessions: 600$ (after the first session)

In Studio

(Inquire for group session)

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Call or Text (212) 804 7273 for extra booking options.


"My Body" Program

Take your Health to another level: Posture and Tension Prevention!