Boost Your Health!

I created a 9-week Holistic Health Booster Program to quickly help you rediscover your body's potential and energy. Put yourself back on top of your priorities list!

Start your journey toward optimum Health now! 

What is it about?

It is a coaching program that will you get back in good overall Health in 9 weeks. Get rid of body aches, learn how to heal yourself with good food and manage the stress level in your life. The purpose of this is to own your Health and ageing not being an issue anymore!

Who is it for?

If you are a busy professional, parent or not, who has completely forgotten to self-care for a while and for a number of reasons beyond excuses ; ) 

+ If your overall Health is kinda ok but you feel deep down in your guts that you should really start being careful... then this program is for you!

If you have serious illnesses and take medication, this might not be a good fit. Make sure to consult your physician or licensed health care provider.

How does it work?

It consists of 2 remote live sessions per week via Zoom, for 9 weeks. This is not an online self-paste course. Accountability is key if you want to implement a healthy lifestyle that will last and give you your vital energy back!!

Why do it?

Because your Health is your Wealth! Work on YOU, for YOU!

Invest in yourself first, then conquer the world! The benefits of good health and energy are beyond what you could expect, in every aspects of your life (on a professional and personal level).

Limited availability!

I am just One coach and I cannot multiply myself (unfortunately!). As I am taking time to take care of you live, you can easily understand that spots are limited. This service is available in English or in French. If you are in New York City, we can do this in person too.

 I truly want to help you feel great!!

 Please feel free to send me an email at or call me: +1 (212) 804 72723 if you have any questions!