"Stress Less" Program

Keep your Stress level in check and avoid tensions to settle in your shoulders, neck and solar plexus. Breathing, tension relief techniques and stretching will help you achieve that goal.

What does it include?

  • A choice of: a relaxing upper body tensions session (Yes! D-Stress) or Stretching session (Yes! Be Flex).
  • 4 sessions per month: once a week, mixing both types of session (Value: 620$)


  • Sessions happen on Mondays or Fridays (same day each week is ideal).
  • It is an in person option only, sessions are held @ Upsoul Center, in New York.
  • Payment is required in advance at the beginning of a month cycle, only one missed session can be rescheduled.

IN PERSON PRICE: 599$/month instead of 620$/month.

"My Posture" Program

Ready to take care of your poor posture, get rid of stubborn tensions or pain, improve articular range of motion and core strength?

Here is what this 3 months Posture Program is about:

  • One Assessment Session (Yes! Signature Session) to tailor the program to you (Value: 185$)
  • One Session per week of Stretching and Core Strengthening: Approximately 10 sessions for 3 months (Value: 1250$)
  • Gut Health advice because gut tensions have a deep impact on your spine and posture (Value: 80$)
  • One Assessment Session (Yes! Signature Session) to close your completed program (Value: 175$)

     IN PERSON PRICE : 1380$ (value 1690$) or 460$/month for 3 months


  • Sessions in-person happen on Mondays (8am to 9pm) or Fridays (9am to 3pm) at Upsoul Center in New York.
  • It is a 3 months Membership: we need that amount of time to get long term results and form your new habit!
  • Payment in full for the 3 months or split in 2 or 3 payments.
  • Only one missed session per month can be rescheduled, regularity is key!
  • If you wish a remote option, it will be via Zoom (Monday, Wednesday or Friday). Contact me:
  • BE MOTIVATED to get you Body back into it and live pain-free!!!! It starts NOW!!

MyBody Programs don't suit your schedule?

  • Other options to take your self-care to the next level : go check our different sessions in the Individual Services section.